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Camping Elsewhere – OREGON

My recommendations when RVing in Oregon. My RVing guests roam around the country (the average guest with us drives over 3,000 miles on their journey), and I hope Oregon is on their radar screen.


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Camping Elsewhere – Diamond M Ranch Resort

Some months ago I said I’d blog about some really special parks I knew of personally from my travels around the country. Of course many stand out as very neat, but none stand out more clearly than Diamond M Ranch Resort. It’s in Kenai, Alaska.

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High Plains Camping Twitters

  • @zeus1tre I have followed you and you need to follow us also to DM each other 2 years ago
  • @zeus1tre If you are the CEO of S & T Communications I need you contact me in reference to a certified letter we received from you today 2 years ago
  • At the KOA Salina for the annual meeting for KARVC. Meeting new people that own campgrounds in Kansas also. 5 years ago
  • The High Plains Camping Buffalo doesn't mind the snow. 5 years ago
  • Picked up the pizza equipment and heading back home. By mid-spring we'll have Hunt Brothers pizza at the park. 5 years ago
  • Heading to fort Scott today to look at pizza equipment for the store. Long trip 5 years ago
  • New year has begun! Looking a bit warmer weather so we can finish putting in the pub. Have a new worker camper couple coming in March. 5 years ago

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