Is it “farewell?” Or is it merely “until next we meet?”

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Is it “farewell” or is it merely “until next we meet?”

Thirteen years ago my husband and I set out on a new mission:  to buy and manage an RV park. We spent 2 years preparing for our mission and in 2002, we bought what you now recognize as High Plains Camping, near Oakley, Kansas.

The park we found was in need of attention; some little jobs (like hauling loads to the dump) and some enormous ones (big enough to require lots of big-boy-toys). Tackling it alone was not what we set out to do, but when John passed away a year into our ownership, I began doing what a wise person once told me, “If someone else can do it, so can you.”

The park today is no longer on the verge of being ousted from ratings programs, having achieved outstanding ratings several years ago and now being affiliated with Best Parks In America. The park today is in the top 8% of all parks in the country with its 5W-rating by Woodalls for our facilities. The park now is also one of merely 12 nationwide which have achieved the GuestRated “A” Award every year since its inception in 2008 (including the most recent one given to us last week).

Since 2003 I’ve worn so many hats in Kansas I can’t list them all, from the full range of roles within the Kansas Association of RV Parks (KARVC), the Travel Industry Association of Kansas (TIAK), and the National Association of RV Parks and Campgrounds (ARVC), not to mention my activity with many other organizations.

The titles are prestigious, but more importantly the roles provided amazing opportunities to serve people, not only my guests (the highest honor) but countless other wonderful, hardworking, compassionate, thoughtful, and devoted people in the RV park and Kansas tourism sectors.

My work has brought an abundance of recognition with awards from the state and national industries coming to me from out of the blue. I did what I did from my heart, with the skills, knowledge, tools, and wisdom that God granted to me. If it helped, then I’m grateful I did it. If it eased someone’s journey, then I’m very grateful I did it. I was blindsided by the awards.

Yet what I truly enjoyed were the guests. To stand behind my counter, virtually every day of the every year, and greet each guest, hear their tales, share in their laughter, ease a burden, share a bit about Kansas, direct them to solutions for their needs … no finer job have I ever been so honored to have. Over these years my ‘backyard’ has been an overnight home to nearly 100,000 people. Some of them have become very dear friends. One even became an employee as well as a friend. Many of them made me feel that every ounce of energy my job required was worth every bit of the effort.

To everybody involved in this chapter of my life, I can’t thank you enough. Whether we agreed or disagreed, I am where I am today because of where I once was and what I’ve come through.

High Plains Camping is now beginning a new chapter. Like all stories in life, there is no ending … just a continuation.

Although my time here is finished, the coming months will be exciting as I begin to see where my journey takes me. I’ll look at my park in my rearview mirror with tears while I look down the road in anticipation of a continued fantastic journey.

I hope you will warmly welcome Jim and Jessie DesRoches as they take High Plains Camping into its new chapter.


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