2011- What A Great Summer!

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I’m so very sorry for not posting blogs since July. Where did the time go!?!? Well, aside from a very hot summer, with long hours and lots of guests, an unexpected administrative project crept into my life. Something had to give, and I’m very sorry it was you … my blog readers.

But I’m baaa’ack!

This summer has been FANtastic!

At the end of each summer this park owner has a handful of ‘those guests’ you wish hadn’t come. This year there’s no one on that list. I’ve been blessed with the most enjoyable guests!

At the end of every summer this park owner has a lengthy list of big and little repairs & renovations that are needing attention when things slow down. This year there is nothing on that list. And that’s a good thing because things aren’t slowing down! We’re having the busiest September in our 10 Septembers of running this place.

While I’ve been busy with the park and with so many wonderful guests, some people have posted very nice things about us on Facebook, in their blogs, and on Twitter. Try as I might to monitor things, I probably missed a few, but here’s what our guests have posted on our survey page, and here’s a blog I that was posted today about our place!

Our store saw a drastic make-over as the season unfolded. Many guests enjoyed finding the vast array of items in our store, from some newly released books by Kansas authors, Wallaroo hats, birdhouses, baskets, and dog toys to RV supplies, flip-flops and outdoor carpet.

Before Memorial Day 2011

Before Labor Day 2011

If you have camped with us, we invite you to fill in a survey about your stay (we all get inundated with surveys, but I really truly do use the data I collect so I’d really truly love if you would take a few minutes to fill it in for me).

Oh, and if you missed it earlier this summer, we have a new design to our web page. I’ll be adding a lot more to it once things begin to slow down a bit around here.

To all who read this, THANK YOU for being interested. To all who camped here, THANK YOU for choosing us. To all who wish to camp here, THANK YOU and come on out!


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