Blacksmith Coffee Roastery Is Kansas-Roasted Coffee

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We understand RV travelers enjoy sampling products from the regions in which they travel, and they appreciate finding quality gifts for helpful neighbors and loved ones. That’s why we selected Blacksmith Coffee Roastery. Mark and Nancy Galloway have created a large selection of internation coffees from their facility in Lindsborg, Kansas.

We worked with them to determine the best selection for our guests, starting with just a few varieties and expanding with each passing year. This year you can find many varieties of their coffee in our store (these descriptions are taken directly from their website):

Breakfast Blend

Breakfast Blend


Breakfast Blend

Originally crafted for one of our bakery customers, this super-delicious blend is mild and smooth, yet has a fantastic taste that will complement scones, muffins, donuts, or Frosted Flakes!






Costa Rica Monte Camejo

Costa Rica Monte Camejo


Costa Rica Monte Camejo

This Strictly Hard Bean Arabica high-grown coffee is grown on the foothills of the Poas Volcano.

It’s a cooperative coffee grown on the fincas of passionate small land-holders who know how to grow exceptional organic, fairly traded coffees.

Right off, you’ll notice it’s wonderful rich caramelesque aroma that comes through in the cup. It’s flavor is rich and sweet and caramely, with a hint of citrus. Yet, it still tastes like coffee.

Just really, really good coffee!


Espresso Especiale

Espresso Especiale


Espresso Especiale

Espresso Especiale is truly a special espresso whether you’re going to pull shots for your customers, or you want a nice dark drip coffee to drink at home.

Roasted to a Full-City roast, this wonderfully rich blend is not smoky, but produces a wonderful chocolaty crema that makes it a favorite!





Ethiopia Yirgacheffe

Ethiopia Yirgacheffe


Ethiopia Yirgacheffe

This exotic wet-processed arabica coffee comes from the “Cradle of Coffee”. 

The Sidamo plateau region of Ethiopia is a special place where coffee still grows wild! 

You’ll be surprised at it’s earthy, floral, kind of lemony, tea-like quality. 

From the Oromia Coffee Farmers Cooperative Union.




Blacksmith Coffee Roastery Guatemala Antigua

Guatemala Antigua


Guatemala Antigua

 Guatemalan coffee is revered as one of the most flavorful and deliciously nuanced cups in the world.

Our Guatemala Genuine Antigua Pastoral is full of choco sweetness, rich body with low acidity. 

Antigua is Guatemala’s most prominent growing region. Like the colonial city namesake, the coffee has deep roots in volcanic soil and a distinctive profile.




Mexico Pluma

Mexico Pluma


Mexico Pluma

This classic coffee is sweet and delicious, just like Mom used to make!

It’s medium-bodied and just a good, lighter roasted coffee!






Nicaragua Limoncillo
Nicaragua Limoncillo


Nicaragua Limoncillo

Nicaragua Limoncillo offers an amazing aroma and initial flavor of grapefruit and apples, yet morphs into a full bodied, rich flavor as it covers your tongue and saturates the back and roof of your mouth!



Papua New Guinea

Papua New Guinea


Papua New Guinea

This rich and smooth coffee tastes as exotic as it sounds.

It’s fruity and clear like a bell ringing in an exotic island paradise!
As a bonus, this is one of our Certified Organic, Fair-Trade coffees.
Sumatra Lintong

Sumatra Lintong


Sumatra Lintong

Our Sumatra Lintong has a buttery mouthfeel, with a solid body and typical Indonesian earthiness, but better brightness than expected. 

Each lot from Sumatra is somewhat different, and this Lintong is no exception!

It’s cleaner and brighter than usual, but retains a familiar Sumatran backdrop.

Very, very popular with our Sumatra enthusiasts!

Swedish Morkrost

Swedish Morkrost


Swedish Morkrost

Our Swedish Mörkrost (meaning “Dark roast”) is deliciously crafted in the tradition of the finest roasters in Sweden!

This wonderfully rich and complex Vienna roasted coffee, is sure to please the palate of even the most discriminating coffee drinkers.  

Our Mörkrost is probably the closest thing we have to a house blend.  It’s extremely popular with both Swedes and non-Swedes alike and we have regular customers from coast to coast who call this their favorite coffee!


Unleaded (Decaf)

Unleaded (Decaf)



You could say Blacksmith Coffee Roastery Unleaded is our house decaf. It’s a perfect blend of Latin coffees, and it’s so good…..

and rich…..

and chocolatey…..

and smooth…..

that you would never know it was decaffeinated if we didn’t tell you first. (Oh yeah, the fact that you’ll be able to sleep will give you the hint too!)


Coffee Center at High Plains Camping

For those camping with us, we’ll have a pot or two or three ready in the mornings from mid-May through mid-September, and we’ll do our best to keep up with the demands of stocking this great product for you. Freshly roasted coffee shouldn’t sit on our shelves very long, so we don’t order mass-quantities once a  year but rather small orders more frequently … so hurry in & buy your selection while it’s in stock!

For more about camping with us, please see:

Thank you for taking the time to read our blog!


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2 Comments Add your own

  • 1. Richard  |  05/24/2011 at 7:53 pm

    We are HUGE coffee fans! I wonder why we haven’t heard of this before. We’ll be there to check it out!

  • 2. HighPlainsCamping  |  05/29/2011 at 12:33 pm

    Sorry for that delay, Richard. I guess I fell behind on my online duties as I was preparing the park for Memorial Day Weekend. Thank you, though, for posting on our blog!

    I hope one day I’ll get to meet you! Be sure to remind me you’re a “HUGE coffee fan” so I can have several varieties ready for your samping pleasure!


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