Mini-Golf Renovations

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The 18-hole miniature golf course at High Plains Camping was originally built in the mid-1960s. There is a lot of concrete and brick work in it, not to mention the carpet and wood timbers, and of course the obstacles or hazards.

Every year since buying the RV park in 2002, we put time, energy and funds into the upkeep of the course. Some examples:

Many years we’ve added paint to everything.

Every year we replaced the rotted or beaten 2×4 timbers which frame in the holes & greens.

Some years we replaced large sections of the carpet.

Other years we replaced worn out obstacles.

Some years we focused on repairing the brick work.

One year we filled in the four cracked and broken ponds, adding to the already large number of raised flower beds.

One year we replaced the tee’s, cups, putters and golf balls, and we added more putters a year later.

In 2007 we dug out 6″- 10″ of rock and gravel, replacing it with excellent top soil and sod, after first installing a sprinkler system. Yawzer, what a Spring that was!

Later years we re-painted everything. 

Many years we planted hundreds of dollars of perennials; not all of which survived our wild rabbits and the Kansas weather events.

Every year we’ve battled weeds in the flower beds; some years they won and other times we won.

It’s safe to say the miniature golf course has provided an endless array of opportunities for honing our patience, skills, talents, and humor.

This year, with renewed energy, enthusiasm, and determination, the miniature golf course is getting significant facelift. We have already begun the demolition! (I’ll post a few pictures at the bottom of the blog.) 

The 2×4’s are finally being replaced with Trex timbers. This has been our goal all along but it’s always been just a hair out of financial reach, given the scope of all renovations at the RV park (restrooms, laundromat, buildings, new roadways, gravel, sidewalks, hot tubs, spray zones, roofs, doors, etc.).

The carpet is being totally replaced … on all 18 holes!

The flower beds were worked on last Fall, and the Spring weeds have been pretreated.

More obstacles are being replaced; others will be repainted.

There will be more repairs to the brickwork.

Oh, and to top it off, we’re adding to the collection of putters and golf balls.

The miniature golf course will be closed for April.  We’ll have a test-run on April 30th, when we host an event for the area’s Girl Scouts. May 1, 2011 should be the Grand Reopening!

The course provides challenging fun for kids from 2 – 102 years of age.

The game is not just for those who are camping with us. It’s open to the general public. Since we’re the only 18-hole course in northwest Kansas:

  • Many young couples have held their dates at our place, 
  • Families have used the game as the focus of their family-nights, birthday parties and family reunions,
  • Friends have spent evenings and weekends having fun, and
  • Companies have brought their employees here for appreciation parties.

We’ll post pictures of the project on Facebook and we’ll probably blog more about these developments as April marches along.

Those who camp with us play a minimal fee to add the miniature golf to their entertainment during their stay. If you’d like to make your plans to camp with us, we’re offering a special “Economic Relief” discount when you book online (for a limited time).

Those who aren’t camping with us but would like to play some putt-putt can simply come on in during our regular office hours and we’ll set you up for your game of enjoyment. If you would like to book a large party or event with us, please send us an email at or call us at (888) 446-3507.

The course will be open during our regular office hours, which means its open until the sunsets (that’s 10 p.m. in June!).

Thanks for spending a little of your time reading our blog!

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