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High Plains Camping has been under renovation (or re-creation) since I bought the park in 2002 (we blogged earlier about some of it). We’ve come a very long way but it isn’t finished. This year the projects are lined up and we’re tackling them simultaneously. If you stay with us you’re bound to see some changes!

A new protected area at the front door of the store / office will be built, creating a larger area and making the opening toward the south rather than the east.  The materials have already been purchased but the roofing hasn’t arrived. We’ll begin this in mid-April.

We’re also adding a protective breezeway to the entrance to the laundry room. Again, we’re just waiting on the roofing to arrive before we begin.

The  U-Pick Organic Garden will be a wee bit larger, with many of the same veggies (tomatoes, potatoes, beans, lettuce, corn, etc. … see the earlier blogs) but Farmer John is adding a few new rows. Too, he’s tweaking the planting process to encourage a longer season of some of the favorite vegetables. (The work has begun but it’s endless through October!)

I’ve already added a few more games in the Rec and Relaxation Sunflower Barn for 2011.

All 18 holes of the  miniature golf course are getting new “grass” (carpet) and new timbers. What a huge job! The demolition began on days when the winter weather permitted, and yesterday I took delivery of 300′ of 12′-wide carpet and nearly 1,100 linear feet of timbers! Yawzer!

A few of the putt-putt holes will also get some new obstacles. If the weather cooperates, this  whole project will still require most of April (I really hope the weather doesn’t cause it to roll into May).

Another project involves repairs to the driveway. This is always challenging since its not up to just me, given that it’s a shared driveway. If it were up to me alone, it would have been permanently repaired last Spring when we did a temporary fix given the circumstances (how I truly hope everyone understands that such things are not in my control).

An interior little change is that I added quite a bit of store merchandise to our previouslyquite-large gift shop. There’s always been something for everybody (adults, kids, pets, people back home, etc.), and now there’s even more for everybody.

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Compared to some businesses, these changes may seem mediocre but I hope you remember how small we are and how few of “us” there are this RV park! Those who have been with us in the past know that every year we put the energy and money right back into the place, and I love seeing the changes. I’m so anxious to see everyone’s reactions when the crowds begin arriving in the summer!

All of this, and I’m trying my best to leave the rates at last year’s levels, plus I’m offering a special 15% discount to those who book their campsites through the webpage (be sure to click on the 15% economic relief box to take advantage of this special rate!).

I certainly hope to greet you here in 2011.  Happy Camping, everybody!


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