The Garden – How It Works

06/15/2010 at 4:34 pm 6 comments

High Plains Camping - U-Pick Organic Garden


For those who have asked how our U-Pick Organic Garden works, I’m glad you’re interested in knowing! 

Farmer David does it all:   tilling, weeding, planting, fertilizing … 100%.  He buys the seeds and seedlings. He sweats. He labors. He makes his back ache. He gets dirty. And he loves every second of it! He truly was born for the dirt! 

I provide the land & the water, and I monitor the sprinkler. Oh, and I supply the paint stir sticks that we use to label each row. 

Together we select what we’ll grow … but when it’s planted, how it’s planted, where it’s planted … that’s all up to the Farmer. 

As produce is ready to pick, Farmer David tells me so the front office staff can add it to the re-markable board for all of our guests to see. 

At the front counter is a sign telling everyone of this amenity and encouraging them to express their appreciation to Farmer David. That’s another task of mine … telling everyone where it is and what it’s all about. I mark their map so they know right where to go (ha – as if they can’t see Sweet Pea out there waving her arms in the breeze!). 

Sweet Pea Protects the Garden


At  the garden, attached to a stump of an old tree, we attached an old and rather well-lived mailbox that was donated by the neighboring antique store owner (affectionately referred to as Neighbor Mike). 

Neighbor Mike made a slot in the side of the mailbox, and I added a lock to its drop-down lid. 

I took bright paint and a stick to paint the words on it (adding to the country rustic-ness) (can you tell I’m trying to show you how much work I put into this project compared to the Farmer’s duties?!?! – LOL). 


The rest is easy. Those who stay at High Plains Camping are welcome to pick. 

I empty the mailbox frequently and pass all the money to Farmer David when he stops by. 

Every evening and again in the morning we hear from our guests about their treasurers. 

Several evenings each week Farmer David gets to hear the praise directly from the guests. They’ll visit with him as he weeds and works. It’s a mutual-admiration-society out there. He loves visiting with them, and they seem to enjoy learning from him and they certainly love eating his produce. 

Last year was the first garden, and we had no idea how large to make it or how much to plant. It was large, but this year he expanded it to 40′ x 54′ and then added 3 more plots that are each about 13′ x 9′. The 3 separate plots are for the viney plants (pumpkin, cucumber, and cantaloupe). 

Oh, you might ask why I added a  garden. We used to be RVers. There wasn’t space for a lot of food, and fresh produce was one of the first to vanish. Driving to  a grocery store wasn’t always convenient. High Plains Camping is an overnight facility where few care to unhook their cars & drive into town. Too, the local grocery store isn’t always open when my guests are arriving. So … why not provide a garden?


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Weather Conditions Wheat Harvest Is Progressing

6 Comments Add your own

  • 1. Robyn Chilson  |  06/15/2010 at 5:55 pm

    Cool idea! What an interesting camping experience! I’ll have to stop in and check it out some time!

  • 2. luxury camping  |  06/25/2010 at 6:48 am

    This is such a great idea – I love it. Thanks for sharing this for all.

  • 3. Raynell McClarren  |  07/07/2010 at 4:17 pm

    Cool idea! What an interesting camping experience! I will have to stop in and check it out some time!

  • 4. Kristina  |  03/04/2011 at 9:33 pm

    I got your link from facebook…365 days of Kansas. This is a very cool idea. If I ever get to be an RVer, I’ll seek you out!

    • 5. HighPlainsCamping  |  03/05/2011 at 11:24 am

      Thank you, Kristina! Being an RVer (or even a tent-er) is a fantastic way to see America. If you’re ever in the Oakley area, even if not camping, we’d love to offer you a break in your travels. Stop by & say “HI”!

  • 6. HighPlainsCamping  |  03/05/2011 at 11:26 am

    We are very pleased to see so many responses. Having the garden has been a delightful experience. Very soon we’ll see Farmer David tilling up the garden & preparing it for the 2011 guests. His arrival in our garden is a sure sign of Spring!


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