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05/22/2010 at 9:43 pm 2 comments

June and July are the busiest camping months of the year across Kansas. Camp sites are in ‘mega huge’ demand. If you’re not from Kansas you might not realize just how ‘mega huge’ the demand can be. 

The obvious:  summer break. School is out and families hit America’s highways.  

The not-so-obvious:   the wheat harvest. 

Wheat Harvest in NW Kansas

What’s WHEAT got to do with you, and with camping? There are 2 answers.


ONE:  Safety 

Please be aware of the activity and oversized loads you might encounter in this region in June & July. During the harvesting of the wheat, my local community really bustles with harvest-related activity: 

  • Combines can be seen in the fields,
  • Grain trucks work their way to the grain elevators,
  • Crews move from field to field,
  • Fuel delivery vehicles make their way to the combines, and
  • Mechanics hustle to keep up with the repairs so the equipment can work nearly around the clock to harvest the wheat.

The wheat harvesters are crews which work America’s fields from Texas to Canada. Many of crews are from MN, SD, MT and Canada. In May they move their crews & equipment to TX  and then travel north as the harvest spreads north. I’ve seen many combines being hauled south this past week. It’s quite a sight to watch them all! I know those young men and women are heading off to a summer of hard work in hot conditions. To many of them, it’s truly what they live for. The harvest is in their veins!

TWO:  Availability 

When it’s time to harvest, a small community’s population can suddenly bulge at the seams for 2 or 3 weeks.

 All those extra people who are needed to harvest the 9-million acres of Kansas wheat also use the diners, cafes, restaurants, hotels, motels, and campgrounds across our state.

 If you plan to travel into Kansas during our harvest, although reservations aren’t required, they really can come in handy.  Those  of you who drive or pull 35′ or 45′ rigs (especially if towing) should consider booking ahead by at least several hours, if not days or weeks.

High Plains Camping has but a few sites still open on a few dates during our area’s harvest. It pains me to disappoint someone when they didn’t realize how busy we are in June and July.   

If  you plan to travel to or through Kansas in mid or late June or in early July, and if you think you might like to try our services (remember the U-Pick Organic Garden, the extra wide spaces, and ahhh the spa), you have several choices: 

  • Guarantee a site online at HighPlainsCamping.com,  OR
  • Call us to hold a space when your travel plans come together: (888) 446 – 3507, OR
  • Call us on the same day of arrival, while you’re on the road, (888) 446-3507 and see what’s available, OR
  • Just pull on up to the office and we’ll find the best space that’s open (even if all we have left are boondocking spots)!

Thanks for letting me explain how simple it can be to enjoy your journey while Kansas experiences its wheat harvest. 

What’s the timing of the wheat harvest? It varies every year. I’m bracing for June 20th – July 4th … but don’t hold me to those dates!  Just plan accordingly if your trip is within a week of those dates. 

Visit TravelKS.com and search for Agritourism opportunities. If you would like my assistance in seeing if a harvesting crew would let you look at or take photos near the equipment, please feel free to email us at  office@HighPlainsCamping.com and we’ll see what we can arrange for you. 






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Events Galore on June 12, 2010 U-Pick Organic Garden – Planted and Growing!

2 Comments Add your own

  • 1. HighPlainsCamping  |  05/23/2010 at 2:39 pm

    How’s this for timing … The harvest has been on my mind since I’ve been watching so many crews heading south on US-83. I finished this blog this morning, by adding the video & photo. Today one of my Harvester “regulars” walked in the office! They’ll stay a few days while they tend to some equipment maintenance. I just find that to be very cool.

  • 2. Elle  |  07/08/2010 at 5:51 pm

    Wow! Thanks for the tips! No idea about all the harvesting in Kansas. We were hoping to do a cross-country camping trip next summer and will keep this info in mind. Thanks so much for the post.


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