Weather … whether or not its newsworthy

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I recall commenting when I moved to NW Kansas that this was the first place I’ve ever lived where the seasons actually begin and end on their scheduled dates. On June 20th I’d feel comfortable in jeans and a light jacket, but on the 21st it was always time for shorts and flip-flops. I felt the seasons were defined right here in northern Kansas.

That wasn’t the case this year. Here at High Plains Camping, winter began on October 8, 2009. Ever the optimist, I joked and said perhaps it would still end in 3 months … on January 8th!

Today is the January 9th. We suddenly went from below freezing, and often times below 0, to 50 degrees! The 10-day forecast shows more of the same all the way through. Wooohooo!

It’s awesome outside today. No more Michelin Man garb. No more scraves around the mouth to preserve the bronchial tubes. No more snow mounds and icy walkways!

Dare I suggest I was right? Winter would last for 3 months but not the correct 3 months? OK, even I’m not brave enough to say that aloud. Afterall, the worst winter weather usually hits in January and February, and let’s not forget that March can be quite the roaring lion, too.

I hear parts of Australia are blazing hot, and that makes me fear what our summer might be like. I’m not a heat lover. I can deal with -10 before I can deal with 110. So I’m going to savor every bit of what’s left of our autumny winter or even our wintry winter.

Oh, and if you’ve been following my blogs you might have sensed that there was a lot of weather talk in 2009. Our local weather data collector recorded 33″ of precip for the area in 2009, whereas our normal is 18″ … and that’s a HUGE difference! All of these extremes keep the weather foremost on my mind … especially since I cater to outdoor enthusiasts and even they go indoors in extreme conditions!


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