Angels Lend a Helping Hand

10/16/2009 at 3:02 am 6 comments

There is a wall in the main building at High Plains Camping that’s uninsulated block. Brrrr. Every winter I’ve covered the wall very creatively. This year the real cover finally worked its way to the top of my list.

It was a task I could handle with just a little assistance … sometimes you just need an extra set of hands. My neighbor would provide those extra hands for this job.

Over 2 weeks ago I took my seats out of the van so I could buy the drywall. When I returned home my neighbor had taken seriously ill. My project went to a back burner, partly due to his condition and partly due to my time away while I dealt with his care.

Yesterday at breakfast I felt compelled to get the framing done by a pro (the task I’d be slowest at accomplishing), so I made a call. Miraculously it was framed in by lunch time. Truly “miraculously” because I’ve tried to just get bids from people and have been told they’d be out in 2 weeks to look at the job. This job was instantaneous (a real sign that devine hands were at work on this task).

Today I unrolled the insulation and began measuring. In no time it was installed.

Next was to measure the drywall. My goal was to get one main piece in place before I had to relieve the office staff for the day. Tony, my first husband, had a drywall company. I learned drywalling from the best! I measured, and then measured again. Then I marked it for cutting, all the while using tools from my late father’s collection.

I was on my knees for the final mark, so while still there I looked upward, closed my eyes, and asked Tony to guide me from above.

The cutting was straight and easy. Done!

I was reaching for the phone to call my neighbor to help hold the board while I placed a few nails. Staff said, “No need. I can hold it.” With that she went to have the phone handy in case it rang … and in walked Larry. He’s a friend who does his laundry at my park’s facilities.

Larry had just gotten off work where he was, of all things, hanging drywall. My staff returned to the office, and Larry and I got the piece into place. Perfect fit.

Miracles didn’t stop. Larry suggested I cut the next piece while he finished the screws on the first piece.

Our teamwork continued until all pieces were in place! Far more was accomplished than I had dreamed.

At 5:17 p.m. I relieved my staff … 2 minutes late … having accomplished the full installation, cleaned up the mess, and cleaned up myself.

The good side of having staff is that guests are properly treated while I continue to tackle projects. The bad side of having staff is that they can take pictures while you work! I wouldn’t normally post pictures of this view of myself, but when you’re hanging drywall there’s no way to get the facial views.

I feel extremely blessed and I know angels were on team. Over the past two weeks I was more worried about my neighbor than my wall. Then we got blasted with our early arrival of winter and the exposed wall simply glared at me. I projected I would accomplish this job over many days if I worked by myself. I thank God it’s now done … and in only two days.

Sure, there’s still the mud, tape, and paint, but I can do that anytime. Getting the insulation and drywall up was the crucial aspect.

So those of you who ask how I can run this park alone … you now see that I don’t. I’ve got Him on my team and He sees to it that I have extra hands when I need them.


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6 Comments Add your own

  • 1. Linda  |  10/16/2009 at 3:22 am

    I think the angels were helping capable hands:)

  • 3. NomadWoman  |  10/16/2009 at 3:43 am

    You got the best angels, Mary, surrounding you – it can’t be helped. Those bunnies are still watching over you. You are just one remarkable lady. Gotta make a trip out to see your new wall.

    • 4. HighPlainsCamping  |  10/16/2009 at 4:18 am

      I like the sound of that, NomadWoman. I would enjoy another visit very much.

  • 5. Mike Erps  |  10/16/2009 at 2:50 pm

    great neighbors, great staff and great customers make for a great day. job well done.

  • 6. Dona and Tom  |  10/17/2009 at 4:13 am

    Mary you are an Angel to people that know and love you.


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