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Twitter entered my life in October of 2008. I didn’t jump online immediately, but I finally understood that I should give it a try. During the winter I became HighPlainsCamp on Twitter, and my followings and followers have been growing ever since.

OK, so far that’s a typical story. What’s made me log in to Twitter day after day has been all of the unexpected results.

COOL CONVERSATIONS – I’ve established a large array of friends among those who post frequently since you can really sense the rhythm of their life. I look forward to seeing their new posts.

NICE GUESTS – Some of my followers have turned into campers here at the park as they traveled across America. How fantastically cool to ask, “how did you hear of our park?” and to be told “I follow your Tweets!” Putting faces to their names, and seeing their families, makes their future posts truly come alive.

COMRADES – I’ve met other Tweeters from within the RV and tourism industries, and we’ve shared some truly great ideas, rallied behind one another’s success, and laughed at our shared summer excitements.

TWEET ANGEL – This one just happened, and I never expected this to be on my list. There’s a traveling family I’m following on Twitter, and I subscribe to their blog. Late last night I was notified of a blog update, and I read of a mishap they’d found themselves in. While I was reading the blog, they tweeted a link to the blog, which made me aware they were still online.

  • I tweeted and also posted on his blog that they needed to stay calm and get some rest.
  • I post an SOS with as many helpful descriptive words as I could fit in one Tweet, and I asked for it to be retweeted by all who follow me.
  • I tweeted & posted again to let them know that if he didn’t have help by morning, how he could reach me via telephone when I had helpers in my office.
  • In the morning he called. We were able to walk him through some steps to define the problem and to solve it. VWA LA … he was free to continue his travels!

    My only regret with this VERY COOL EXPERIENCE is that none of my hundreds of followers ever sent the RT (retweet) of my SOS. I know it was very late at night when this developed, but it was mid-morning before we had a solution. I would have thought others would have retweeted in the morning.

    I hope that if I’m ever stuck, away from home, in unfamiliar land, that my social networking will pay off as well as it did for the family I helped this morning.

    Oh, and before all this went down, High Plains Camping was on their list of places to stop as they traveled across I-70. Having shared this experience, I think when they arrive we’ll meet one another by having one big group hug! Now that’s what Twitter is for!

    You can follow SuburbanGypsy’s blog as they RV across America.

    Oh, and if you’re wondering how I began following suburbangypsy, it was through one of my Twitter COOL CONVERSATIONS who turned into a NICE GUEST who then Tweeted about this family, that led me to follow them. They call NH home. I’m in KS. Twitter erases the distance.


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