Park has its “SEASONS”

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We Aren’t the Same Park All Year Long

High Plains Camping is open all year and yet we have distinctly different seasons. Everyone knows of Fall, Winter, Spring, & Summer, but are you familiar with Hibernators, Socializers, and Families? OK, maybe those phrases aren’t very creative (I might need a little more Blacksmith Coffee Roastery for the creative juices to flow) but none-the-less the park itself has these seasons.

These seasons bring about a different atmosphere and different business demands. Mind you, all of this is in very general and stereotypical terms. Every now and then there will be an oddity that doesn’t fit the category, but that’s the spice of life.

MID-OCT through MARCH is what I call the HIBERNATORS. The guests register, go to their spot, and that’s that. They don’t really shop the store. They don’t visit with staff, play putt-putt or use the hot tub, and there’s nothing to pick in the U-Pick Organic Garden. They might do a load of laundry, and they tend to use our climate-controlled restroom facilities, but they really don’t do much else while they’re here.

Because of this, we allow inventory to dwindle, have very limited office hours with minimum staffing, winterize the hot tubs, close the Sunflower Barn, and reduce the price. We also offer an even greater price reduction to those who arrive when the office is closed since they can’t use the credit card or be greeted by our warm and smiling staff.

In other words, the guests don’t want “service” and they don’t need to be paying as much for the limited service. Self-registration is available anytime the office is closed, and specific sites are held for those with reservations … and their welcome package is waiting for them with their name on it. Walk-ins can always find a spot.

During these months the owner tends to be tackling significant renovation projects. This is when we can gut a room, reseal the grout in the shower tiles (always leaving some available for guests to use), upgrade features, build new features, or add new amenities.

APRIL through MAY are the SOCIALIZERS. Guests tend to be energized people who are a bit road weary. They’re ready to move about and be physical. A round of mini-golf or a vigorous walk around the property fits their plans. They tend to visit with staff, sharing stories of their trip or their life. They browse the store and maybe borrow a movie for after the sun sets. The jigsaw puzzles in the Rec & Relaxation Sunflower Barn give their eyes a change of scenery. The hot tubs become a great way to end the day. The store hours expand with the longer hours of daylight and with the desires of these guests to be using more of our facilities.

This is when we hire and train our staff, begin spring-cleaning inside and out, and bring in loads and loads of new inventory for the store.

JUNE through MID-AUGUST are the FAMILIES. Guests are full of energy. People are everywhere. Putt-putt becomes a way of life, and the playground carries the sounds of happy children. The park reaches capacity at times (this year we had to turn away some guests). The U-Pick Organic Garden produces more and more each week. The park office is bustling and the phone is ringing off the hook. Staff is on in full force. The office is open for up to 14 hours a day, with the sun setting after 10 p.m. on the longest day of the year. Activities, issues, questions, cleaning, maintenance, … it’s all non-stop.

In MID-AUGUST through MID-OCTOBER we’re back to the SOCIALIZERS again. Having survived the very hectic pace of the “Families” season, it is so refreshing to sit and visit with these guests. Although the phone still rings and guests still need to be registered, we can often sit back, put our feet up, and really share with our guests. And the hours! Oh my, when you go from 14-hour days down to 13-hour days, and then 12, 11, 10, … 7 … 4 … wow, staff really begins to rejuvinate!

As you plan your travels and consider staying with us, please remember the park’s atmosphere is determined by these seasons.

I have guests who only know me in the midst of June & July and they wonder how I can live this life 365 days of the year. It’s simple. I don’t. If they’d visit us in January, they’d see an entirely different production.


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