Pets are WELCOME … but with what limits?

03/29/2009 at 9:01 pm 1 comment

Before you read my question, let me emphasize that High Plains Camping is VERY pet friendly, and its owner (me) ADORES pets who are in their proper place and who behave properly. We offer many fields which are great for strolling with your leashed pet (or is that leashed owner?). We also provide a fenced in and gated dog run, so the 4-leggeds can run off some energy. Baggies are provided so no one is caught empty handed, since cleanup is a requirement of all responsible pet owners.

And yet I’m curious.  Why do people think pets should be allowed to come inside the registration office, the laundry facilities, or the restrooms?

I’m not angry … just very very curious. Here are my TWO perspectives:

As an RVer with my “family” (2 dogs and 3 cats, on average), I figured my pets didn’t need to be inside someone else’s facilities. I also figured that if I assumed my pets could go inside, then any pet owner could assume the same and then we could easily end up with a significant fight between animals. That’s not a good thing for my pets, my nerves, your pets, your nerves, or the attitude of the owner of the place.

As an RV park owner, I try to give a welcoming environment to all my guests. What if you’re in here with your dog and my next guest who walks in is allergic to dogs? Or is afraid of dogs? Secondly (and personally), I’m really too busy running the facilities to have to stop to clean up after the animals have left.

Example:  Today someone did laundry. The sign inside states that pets are not welcomed in the laundry room. The sign didn’t deter the pet owner, and the pet obviously didn’t read the sign, so there they sat comfy as can be while they waited for the laundry to finish. When I became aware, it was too late. Dog hair was everywhere. When they were gone I had to sweep and then vacuum the entire floor from wall to wall because the dog hair was literally flying from here to there. It was even on the folding table. How does THAT look for the next guest who wants to fold their clean clothing on that table? Worse yet, what if that next person is allergic to dogs?

Yes, I knew this was part of dealing with the public when I decided to buy a park and dedicate my life to exceeding my guests expectations. Why can’t guests realize that they are not my only guest? People need to remember they don’t exist in a bubble. What they do really does have an impact on other people. 

So again:  Why is it that people think pets should be allowed to come inside at someone else’s place?


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  • 1. Michael Erps  |  03/30/2009 at 5:02 am

    I wish I had an answer for you. Working in RV Parks for the last 5 years I have seen very responsible pet owners and unfortunately I have seen those that seem to think that their pets can do no wrong and rules were made for everyone except them. I worked at a Park four summers in Montana, they asked every camper checking in about pets, welcomed them and then informed them of the rules for pets, no exceptions. Last rule was if you are not responsible for your pet we will ask you to immediately leave the park with no refund. This took extra time checking in campers but seemed to help make an impression on the campers about their pets. In four summers the owners probably asked 2or 3 pet owners to vacate the park for not following rules.


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